About Iran Health

Post Show Report 2017

Event Title Iran Health 2017
                      20th International Exhibition for Medical,
                      Dental, Laboratory Equipment
                      Pharmaceutical Products &Health; care Services

Venue   Tehran International Permanent Fairground

Duration & Opening Hours   15 -18 May2017/9.00am -18.00pm

Staging Cycle   Annual (first held in1989)

Exhibitor Registration   Online

Number of Participants   770 Companies

Allocated space   +23000 sqm

Product Range -Accident and Emergency Equipment
                          – Communication and Information Technology in medical sector
                          -Dental Equipment and Supplies
                          – Diagnostic
                          – Dental Equipment and Supplies
                          – Diagnostic
                          – Disinfection and Disposal Systems
                          – Electro medical Equipment / Medical Technology
                          – Laboratory Equipment
                          – Medical Furniture Equipment
                          – Medical Consumables
                          – Ophthalmic Supplies
                          – Pharmaceutical Supplies
                          – Orthopedic Supplies
                          – Services and Publication

Target Visitor Group – Health Ministry Officials
                          – Hospital Managers and Employees
                          – Dental Equipment and Supplies
                          – Doctors
                          – Nursing Officers
                          – Hospital Technicians
                          – Biologists, Biochemists, Technicians
                          – Dispensing Chemists, Pharmacists
                          – Physiotherapists
                          – Nursing Homes
                          – Organizations for the Disabled
                          – Care Services and Self-Help Groups
                          – Visitors from Industry and Commerce

Medical equipment companies, private hospital doctors/managers, state hospital doctors/managers, medical analysis laboratories, polyclinic and private clinics, medical display centres, national health authorities, university hospitals professors, specialists, experts, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, lab technicians, researchers from hospitals, students, clinics, sanatoriums, healthcare centres , institutes, laboratories, importers & exporters, trading companies, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and retail agents from foreign countries.

Admission   open to the public.