Why Iran Health :

The 17th session of Iran Health International Exhibition, the most

prestigious and comprehensive medical event of the year, will be held from

15th till 18th 2014 in Tehran Permanent Fairgrounds.

   Since its’ inception in 1986 Iran Health(ex  Iran Med-Lab) has grown

 steadily and is recognized as Iran’s most important resource and business

 platform for both international and national suppliers from medical and

 healthcare sectors . It serves the growing market of medical, dental

, laboratory equipment as well as pharmaceutical products &health care

 services. It attracts a huge audience of buyers and health industry

professionals. Iran Health Fair is the place to be if you want to meet

   .prospective buyers or distributers of your health products. This exhibition

is also communication and information platform in health industry and

offers the participant companies the opportunity to present to audience of

experts.   The fair also offers the opportunity through lectures and seminars

to learn more about latest developments trends, products and services in

various fields .Seminars and workshops are the leading event for further

training of physicians and medical personnel in Iran. At the concurrent

 congress and conferences several briefings on current topics of medicine

and healthcare will be delivered.

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